Civil Engineering & Ground Works, Platform Extensions & Maintenance

Bridge foundation installation, pathway creation and landscaping

VS Rail was contracted to install reinforced concrete foundations for the support of a fabricated steel bridge to meet new specifications to fall in line with potential electrification of future rail lines. Furthermore, VS Rail undertook work such as boundary fencing, the creation of footpaths and general landscaping.


The management team drew on their extensive knowledge and experience of foundation works to install a proprietary trench system on the edge of a live track while working around site access issues and the siting of a mains gas supply which meant extra caution had to be taken.


Perimeter fencing was sourced in line with new NR standards, and the area was left having been graded, with columns grouted and a bridge footpath was installed.


Challenges overcome on this project included; working around significant access issues and the prefabrication of reinforced steel cages to meet tight programme requirements

Wool Station Dorset


January 2016 – April 2016

Client Information:
Geoffrey Osborne Ltd Fonteyn House 47-49 London Road Reigate Surrey RH2 9PY

Simon Leigh